sábado, 31 de julho de 2010

Poesia a duas mãos

Open your door to a stunning feeling
Feche os olhos, abra os braços
And embrace the path to which it's taking you
A jornada é longa
But full of surprises and happy moments
E não há o que temer quando caminhamos lado a lado
Open your heart and let it flow with joy
Se deixe sentir o calor do sol, o vento
And let the wind caress you with flowers
Pise os pés na grama verde, cheire a terra molhada
So that you smell the perfume of happiness
Pois esta é a melhor maneira de sentir a vida pulsar
And hear the sound of my love
And the beating of my heart singing
The story of us walking
On a path of joy melting
Into two beings holding
Hands with nature smiling
At the beauty of unity.

By Kader and Cristine.

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